Our Culture

Our Principles are our DNA. We believe Our Principles maximise our speed and chances of achieving Our Mission and Our Goals because consistent behaviour rooted in a strong performance culture is the best way to continuously deliver predictable results. Our Principles describe the key traits of our behaviour and, ultimately, our culture. Remember, if you accept when someone does not live up to the standard, you set a new (lower) standard.

1. Set Ambitious Goals

Set ambitious goals for ourselves, teams, and businesses. Do your utmost to achieve the goals and set your expectations accordingly

2. People are our Greatest Asset

Hire, develop and retain the best people while letting go of the rest. You are judged by the quality of our team

3. Take Full Ownership

Take full ownership of everything you do and consequently own every problem until it’s solved

4. Be Radically Transparent

Be – and coach our people to be – radically transparent in everything you do

5. Dive Deep

Seek knowledge and input from people who know more. Demand data and be the most detailed and data-driven person in the room

6. Go for the Best Idea

Ensure that the best ideas get implemented. When we disagree, we voice our opinions and sell our ideas

7. Execute Massively with Urgency

Momentum breathes momentum. Act with urgency and make things happen today rather than tomorrow. Test on a small scale before going big and take massive action

8. Be Simple

Keep things simple. A simple and lean business is easier to operate, runs faster, and is more efficient

9. Be Paranoid

If you are not paranoid, then you either do not have enough information or aren’t thinking like an owner

10. Generate the largest profits

Outspend the competition on strategic costs that generate revenues and ultimately profits. Non-strategic costs are like grass and need constant cutting